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We build legends.

Strategic Branding and Visual Storytelling

Mythos Legends is a global brand consultancy specializing in strategic branding, alluring design, brand story, and visual storytelling. We focus on assignments that run the gamut from helping NASA inspire grassroots passion for the human exploration of Mars, to naming and branding a regenerative medicine company and a world-wide alliance of medical experts whose goal is to change the course of healthcare.

We typically work with clients on a project basis, with an option to extend our consultation once a project is complete. We are most often asked to continue developing successful brand enhancement and brand endurance strategies. Mythos in-sources and out-sources special teams according to the specific needs of each client.

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We work with our clients to discover each company’s brand values - a small set of general guiding principles; brand purpose - your fundamental reason for existence; and brand promise - what your brand promises to do for your consumers.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. We will help brand (or rebrand) your company or product, and we will craft your “battle cry.”  Mythos delivers elements that carefully construct the image of your company. Our designers will convey the look, feel, and value of your company via a carefully constructed Brand Graphic Standards Guide, and we will create a mythological context on the way to building your legend, and ultimately, your legacy.

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