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Mythos Legends is a tightly-knit, highly-flexible, proven brand team that can interface with your brand from virtually anywhere in the world, belying the myth of huge, brick-and-mortar firms. We field our special teams for specific assignments from our global network of innovators and collaborators.


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Tim McClure

Tim, who cofounded GSD&M Advertising 48 years ago, also founded Mythos Legends at the turn of the 21st Century. Tim serves as CEO, President, and Chief Mythologist. In his spare time, Tim is the author of three novels, a trilogy of twisted Texas thrillers, soon to be published. Tim is married, with three grown children. He is a world traveler – having visited all seven continents and both poles. A member of the Advertising Hall of Fame, ideas are Tim’s passion.

Alison McClure Blair

Alison Blair

Alison has been Tim’s business partner since Mythos’ inception. Alison serves as EVP, Director of Research and Director of Creative Services. Alison is married, with two children. She and her husband also run BLK MKT Digital and Studios, a full-service post-production enterprise. She is a consummate problem solver, an invaluable trait in an ever-evolving business environment. 

Steve Sweitzer

Steve Sweitzer

Steve is a veteran of the advertising wars, having worked with some of America’s most creative ad agencies, including an early stint at GSD&M. Steve serves Mythos as a self‑described Creator/Destroyer – a creator of powerful ideas and a destroyer of outdated marketing myths. Steve is married, with a teenage daughter. He and his family are also world travelers.

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